Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hahaha... happy ko. Well.. projek ngail haruan d kebon bt 19 was a success pdh org putih. Sik nyangkak aruan payak tertipu dgn umpan katak bulak... rekod casting 500gm. Power juak aruan ya fight.. tapi kejap jak.. sik kedak toman batik (nok aku tauk jenis ganas). Kelak aku upload gamba aruan ya.. k la... CNY 2011 tok balit Bintulu gik... Big bro ngan little bro dah nemu spot bagus pakei casting...sik sabar mok balit haha
Hi there... well its been 5 months since my last post. Not much fishing has been done during those last months of 2010.. only for one occasion during X'mas in Bintulu. Buy my self a new fishing rod and spinner in Kuching just in case my existing gear that i intent to bring 'kondem'. I only manage to try my new sets at Tanjung Batu beach but the water is too muddy and only crabs are interested with my bait. Well...what do you expect during this monsoon season.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Huh... D-Day.. for some people including myself, D-Day is an expression when something big is coming. For me, 31st of August will be my D-DAY.. yes.. no.. no.. not that.. i mean.. not MERDEKA. For Malaysians... 31st is our beloved National Day bla bla bla..and bla.. but for me it will be my time to crank up my already rotten fishing gear..

Thinking on buying new reel.. spot one Banax Reel at TCE Tackle near to my workplace and the price is not bad either. Cheap price, high durability, easy to maintain and the best of all it give you the same fight quality just like any other branded brand..

Ok.. pay day is coming and i have many things to prepare.. will post picture and video (if any captured) after i'm back from sea..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lupak mok post gambar bala ngail di Paloh ari ya.. banyak juak ikan oleh nya ngail.. jeles nanga. Nya da mbak turun tapi seat kosong sekda gik...tepaksa ngigit jari jak nanga kawan turun tangga mbak senjata pakei ngail. Bagus juak aku sik turun sebab aku sekda barang pakei ngail deep sea tok.. mok di mbak kail biasa, abis terbabak kelak..

So tunggu jak kemunculan gambar yang ikan keluaran kilang Paloh.. zaaasss

New season to be unveil???

Ahhh... new season to b unveil..haha, kedak bunyi EPL jak. EPL dah start (team aku Liverpool seri ngan Arsenal huhu) tapi season ngail aku agik juak terencat akal. Banyak bala kaki ngail dah keja transfer keja tempat lain... nok tinggal Kuching cuma 2-3 orang jak.. mok nyewa bot ngail laut mahal gilak.. sik te kabei dek poket aku mok ngeluar duit beratus.

Aiihh...bila gik mok kena 4D tok...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Game Fishing?

Big Game Fishing... what actually does it mean. For me, big game fishing involves a lot of money, i mean real lot of money. Let me break it this way for easier understanding.

Per Person

1) RM 0 - RM50 = Ngail udang, ngail tepi sungei, ngail di jeti
2)RM50 - RM100 = Nyewa sampan ngail di sungei @ di kuala sungei
3)RM100 - RM200 = Nyewa bot ngail di pulau, tanjung @ spot nak dekat ngan pantei
4)RM200 - RM400 = Nyewa bot ngail jauh dari pantei. Contoh; Paloh, Point O5
5)RM 400 - RM 1000 = Nyewa bot ngail di bahagian lain. Contoh; Mukah, Bintulu, Miri
6)RM 1000 - RM 3000 = Nyewa bot ngail di negeri lain. Contoh; Sabah, Perak Johor
7)RM 3000 keatas = Nyewa bot ngail di negara orang. Contoh; Australia, Maldives

*This is a scale that i create by myself based on my experiences since i start to fish 6 years ago. If you disagree, then make your own scale.

For me, Big Game Fishing start at no 4. Why? Because when you going further up the bigger fish you may catch (based on my theory la). The more money you invest to fish, the bigger the prize you get, but not everytime la because fishing is all about being at the right place at the right time with a little bit of good luck. Also help from your tekong and also his GPS and Fish Finder.

For me, i can afford up to no 3, more than that it would be hard for me to throw my money, although i always heard people say hardcore kakipancing should not care about the cost. For me money is money and it is really hard for me to throw money just like that unless i strike first prize in 4D.

So.. how do you rate your fishing cost?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya Holiday....4 days of Raya Holiday... actually i just wasted some of my holiday just to stay at home. Not to say all because i get to go for raya visiting, playing with my son and best of all.. sleeping.

What i'm trying to say that, some of my day off should go for outdoor activities which is FISHING. Instead i do fishing in my sleep.... yep.... i dreamed that i was in Spartly... doing what i do best with my wife, son, friends and family in a big white boat... The best dream i ever had.