Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Huh... D-Day.. for some people including myself, D-Day is an expression when something big is coming. For me, 31st of August will be my D-DAY.. yes.. no.. no.. not that.. i mean.. not MERDEKA. For Malaysians... 31st is our beloved National Day bla bla bla..and bla.. but for me it will be my time to crank up my already rotten fishing gear..

Thinking on buying new reel.. spot one Banax Reel at TCE Tackle near to my workplace and the price is not bad either. Cheap price, high durability, easy to maintain and the best of all it give you the same fight quality just like any other branded brand..

Ok.. pay day is coming and i have many things to prepare.. will post picture and video (if any captured) after i'm back from sea..

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