Monday, April 20, 2009

Pulau Sampadi 2009

My first trip to Sampadi island..... yup my first in 2009, just like my fren always ask... "bila turun laut gik pok". Not much preparation to do as it only a short trip from rambungan (takes about 1 and a half hour boat ride). 2 light action rod with 1 medium action rod (just in case something big lurking under).

There are seven of us on this trip using 2 medium size boat. Among seven of us, three including me is the first timer to Sampadi Island. From what i've heard, (from a fren who has been there) they never came back with empty handed.
So our journey begins.......... jeng jeng jeng

Quite good for one night fishing at Sampadi Island. We caught 42 fish for one night which include 2 restaurant size grouper. Other fish we catch include ikan tanda, barramundi, GT, and some cuttle fish. We also caught by surprise by the unknown monster beneath (we suspect bapak alu-alu or tenggiri) were hit hard (mostly tali putus or our small fish were cut into half).

Above some of the picture and video i manage to capture during our trip and hope in the future there will be more to come. Ngail Pok?

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